Tesla Model 3 2021 (SR+)

Your everyday car
90/day Daily
  • 130€/day 1-2 days
  • 115€/day 3-6 days
  • 90€/day ab 7 days

What is included?


Guaranteed Model

200 km per day included

Your everyday car

Tesla Model 3 SR+

0-100 in 5,6 Sec

60 kWh Battery

325 PS

Entry Model

Tesla Model 3 interior

The Model 3 also stands out from ordinary vehicles in the interior. You can use your smartphone as a key and control all driving functions via the 15-inch touchscreen. Its expansive glass roof extends from the front all the way to the rear, creating an unparalleled sense of space and freedom in every seat.

*Text from Tesla.com